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Trauma Support

I have over 10 years of helping individuals process trauma; understand its effects and grow through informed psychoeducation. I work from a trauma informed perspective, having had years of experience of traumatic incidents and the accompanying post traumatic stress. Your trauma may be the result of a work place experience; you may be the partner of individual who has displayed a problematic sexual behaviour or betrayal or you may have recently had your problematic sexual behaviour discovered.


I understand the important of working from a trauma informed perspective which helps you regain your security; understand the betrayal or the effect that trauma is having; process through it and move into a place of post traumatic growth.

At ReachOutNI you will find someone who understands you, who will empathise with you and your circumstances. Someone who wants to see you regain what may have been taken away from you or help you take control of a new future. 

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