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Counselling, Trauma Recovery and
Peer Support & Wellbeing Services

Holding Hands


I want to welcome you to ReachOut, a service to help you and your business to get the most out of yourself and your people.

Please, search this site to learn more about what we have to offer or feel free to give us a ring.



Fully qualified counselling using approaches that are right for you that put you and your needs at the centre.


Porn and Sex Addiction

Helping men and women who have unhealthy relationships or problematic behaviours  with pornography or sex.



Helping individuals process the effects of trauma and partner betrayal 


Peer Support & Wellbeing

Training & establishing peer support networks and critical incident stress management programs

Therapy Sessions
About Me      

My name is Ian and I am an integrative counsellor.....I use a variety of modalities to help you grow and heal from life's kicks. I put you and your needs, at the centre of everything.You may be struggling with anxiety, stress related issues, problematic sexual behaviours or betrayal by a partner. My role is to ensure your safety, treat you with empathy and help you to a place where you can move forward.

I have 15 years experience of coordinating peer support services in large organisations and helping their individuals process critical incident and post traumatic stress. To put in measures to help deal with post traumatic stress.

My Approach

As an integrative counsellor I am trained to employ a variety of modalities but from a base of a person centred approach. Putting you, the individual, at the very heart of everything. 

I have experience in CBT, solution focussed brief therapy, transactional analysis  and counselling from a Christian perspective.

Getting Help

Its quick and easy to get the help you need; drop us an enquiry through the contact us option or give us a ring on the mobile below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


We have appointments to fit your lifestyle


You can also click on any of the links below if you want to know a little more. If your issue is not listed, don't let that stop you, we can't cover everything on a webpage.  

Be Transformed by the renewal of your mind
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